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Escorts Tulsa, they know how to “do-things” to a man!

Escorts Tulsa, they know how to do things to a man. I am not 20 years old anymore, and I’ve been around the block! But on-the-other-hand, I’m not dead, yet my mind works, and I still have fantastic-feelings that like to be expressed and shared with others! When you are around a woman, who actually “knows her way around a man” and his body and his feelings, it’s wonderful. These professional-escorts know exactly how to “turn those buttons and dials on a man” and make you forget about everything, except what’s between your legs!

Going for all those additional-dreams, using Escorts Tulsa, that I still have in store.

I am going for all those additional-dreams, using Escorts Tulsa, that I still have in store, I want to do with Escorts Tulsa horny-escorts. It’s like being turned on to a new type of food that you had never experienced before and tasting one thing and then wanting to try another. With the wide range of girls in size and age the range of possibilities of my fantasies are long and so am I right now thinking about it… haha while all of my friends are moping around and sad about the situation in the world right now I am walking on the tips of my toes thinking of my next interlude with an Escorts Tulsa girl…

Since I’m paying by the hour I didn’t want to be abused, confused, or misused.

Since I am “paying by the hour” I did not want to be abused, become confused, or even misused. The very first time you order a fantasy from Escorts Tesla, if you are like I am, you are a little bit apprehensive, and confused, as to what to do… There’s actually no need for any of that type of feeling and thinking! These professional-escorts know exactly what to do! They are not a whore, a strumpet, a streetwalker, a slut, or a hooker! These are “professional girls” who sometimes are hired to go to Swanky Restaurants, and Big Money Events, on the arm of a man, to make him look good in his photos! I’ve got some photos…. haha

I give enormous value to personal growth!

I give enormous value to personal-growth, when it comes to my sexuality, and my ability to enjoy the association of women! What is it that you’re striving for, as you’re getting-older, and things are moving-faster in our society? A lot of my friends have devoted weeks, long-nights, months, and years to their job… only to find out that they were considered “non-essential” and their Business is ruined, their Credit shattered, and for what? I’m glad I’m not that Corporate kind of person – and that I’m trying to make-myself-better mentally, physically, and emotionally! These beautiful Professional-Girls from Escorts Tulsa, are helping me to do that…

I find my attitude for learning new sex positions…

It’s odd, that I find my attitude for learning new sex-positions keeps increasing, with each new Escorts Tulsa sex-escort I order! This really goes against all the cultural-teachings and training that our social-order here in America trains us, like Pavlov’s-dog, to adhere to! It’s not sexually healthy for a man to want to express himself, and feel those desires… Asian Nations I think allow for a man to express-himself sexually,and our beloved Country really does not! I don’t feel bad, that I’m using working-girls who are professionals at sex! It makes me want to learn new-positions and reach “higher exalted orgasmic” feelings!

Real Power is my new ability not to have “to do without”!

In my opinion, “real-power” in my world now, is the ability to not have to “do without great & happy sex” any more! When I think about the months, and sometimes even the years, when I went without any sex at all – because I was looking for the girl, that I could “click with” and make-something-happen with! Even though that was “my intention” – normally I found out later, it wasn’t the girls’ intention, and so I’m in a better position now! I get what I need and what I want, and have a great time doing it. So does the Professional working-girl from Escorts Tulsa! Everybody’s a winner!

I think of each “session” as a sex lesson!

Each girl that I ordered from Escorts Tulsa is so different than the last. I think of each session that I have had now, as a sex lesson! Imagine loving a brunette, and then the next-time a full-redhead, and then the next-time this ebony beautiful-goddess, who knew exactly what to do! I feel sometimes like it’s a mirage, it’s a Fugazi, it’s surreal… I don’t want to go back to living my old lifestyle, where I was lonely, and had my dick in my hand everyday… The 21st Century man – shouldn’t have to live that way… and I’m not going to anymore, thanks to Escorts Tulsa!

I am not insecure anymore about sex or women

You’re probably thinking the same way I used to, but because of Escorts Tulsa, I am not insecure anymore, about either sex or women! I never even read any type of articles like this before – and I wouldn’t read them now, except I’m trying to help men, like I used to be… It must be hard for you to even believe that, when what I’m trying to say, is so easy and true – but it’s that easy, and it’s definitely true! You don’t have to believe in a Flat Earth, or Conspiracy Theories, to understand that you’ve been doing things wrong! It’s so easy to change your whole-direction in life, with a simple phone-call, to horny escorts awaiting your call…

There is absolutely no room for Guilt – unless you don’t call Escorts Tulsa

Maybe – by you reading this article that I’m writing, it’ll give you the courage, to break the “Paradigm of Loneliness” that you’re in! There is absolutely no room for guilt on your part, unless of course, you don’t pick up the phone, and call Escorts Tulsa… haha When we get older-in-life, and we lose our desire to even wonder about -sex&women- hopefully as a real-man, we can look back and say “yeah I did that, yeah that was nice” – instead of wondering what it would have been like, had we done things different… even though we had the ability to do so! Don’t you agree with that?

If you should happen to “pick-wrong” from Escorts Tulsa, don’t condemn yourself -order another!

Think of your favorite-restaurant that you always eat at, where you got a meal that you ordered, and it didn’t taste like what you wanted… If you should happen to “pick wrong” from Escorts Tulsa, don’t condemn yourself. That’s chalked up as experience! I’m sure you didn’t have a bad-time! I’m also sure that “she got you off” – which was the whole point of the exercise… Ponder what it was that you didn’t get, or that you were expecting! Then write that down somewhere, so you don’t forget it, and include that in your conversation with Escorts Tulsa, in your next phone call, for your next girl.

I am not paralyzed, by new or strange positions

If you’re hesitant – because you’re thinking that the girl might have much more sexual experience than you, don’t be afraid. I thought I might “get paralyzed” by her wanting to try, a new or strange sex position, but I have found that these Professional Girls know how to put you in-that-position, or set-things-up, to where things just slide into place(Pun Intended)! One of the women who came over, had a Kama Sutra Illustrated Manual in her little-bag of goodies that she carried. I had never really seen one of those face-to-face! It’s so nice, when you’re dealing with Professionals Working Girls, like to call-girls who work at Escorts Tulsa!

With Escorts Tulsa, I am actually learning from each escort, and each situation

I hope while you’re reading this, that you can hear the “confidence and the high self-esteem.”

That I have for myself. Each time I order a goddess from Escorts Tulsa, I’m actually learning from each one of these professional-girls and each situation makes me sexually-stronger!

Where I would have been considered “a flower, before I started using their Services.

I would consider myself now “A man among men” and because I think that way, and feel that way, others see me that way! The only downside is – that it takes money to play – but that’s with anything worthwhile… isn’t it?

Nothing makes me happier than knowing I have done good, and also satisfied my Escorts Tulsa call-girl.

You know how you can watch your close-friends. See the rituals that they do, whether it’s smoking a cigarette, or making coffee.

Or how they open a book! I have these little-rituals that I do, when I’ve “ordered a girl” and she’s about to arrive… But nothing makes me happier than knowing, when she’s about to leave.  I am totally satisfied, and I know that my Escorts Tulsa goddess, is also sexually satisfied. Everyone’s happy, as she’s walking out the door! It’s just a wonderful feeling, and I’m hoping that I can share a little bit of that with you here, in this article.


Escorts Tulsa

Escorts Tulsa working-girls teach You well.!


I never want to learn how to let go of “desire” now…

Reflecting back upon all the good-experiences that I’ve had using Escorts Tulsa.  I can really see the social manipulation. That we-the-people are actually oppressed by. We’re not supposed to have “lust” but our Boss demands that we have “goals”!

I can see now that what they’ve done (whoever they are) is convert the feelings that I should have when I’m having “sex with a woman. ! I never want to forget this wonderful feeling of satisfied-lust that I get when I use Escorts Tulsa.

I’m at work now, – pretending to work – thinking about the beautiful-Soul from Escorts Tulsa

I keep thinking about the old saying that “we men have two-heads, and that we usually think with the wrong-one”

I’m at my job right now, and although I’m on station, my “heart and my mind”

It is with one of those new, unordered, hasn’t arrived yet, sexual-goddesses from Escorts Tulsa.

I hope your job is doing better than mine. Even though we’re back to work, things don’t seem prosperous for this Company, in the-long-run.

But on my happiness-meter I can see nothing but wonderful, happy-things for me. As I move forward… and order my little fantasy-girls, as I’m able to, from Escorts Tulsa!

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