Dallas Escort

Dallas escort brought me back to having fun again.

Dallas Escort has “renewed” my zeal for women and wonderful sex, that is fun and invigorating, instead of jacking-myself-off. I had forgotten about the “sexy moves” a real-woman makes naturally around a horny-man. The way that they “play with their hair” and give those “little flashes” of nipples and snatch. I was great, since I knew for sure I was about-to-get-laid! I did not have to “scheme or manipulate” the situation – only enjoy her sexual-dance and I had no anxiety!

Pro escort call out girls, work for Dallas Escort, not amatures.

Jobs are plenty in Dallas now, however Dallas Escort must hire only seasoned-pros, unless I just got lucky! She arrived maybe about 5 minutes before the appointment-time, giving me no-time to worry if she was cuming. I mean coming… Freudian slip there – sorry… hehe Not once was she looking disorientated, or awkward, but I sure was! As I reflect back – there was no lag-time, but nothing seemed hurried – you know? “Never a dull-moment” as the saying goes! I am anxious now, wanting another go-with-a-Pro!

I’m not into a slut, streetwalker-whore, strumpet or hooker!

I like all-types of sex-positions, but I won’t use street-walking hookers, or drug-whores to get my rocks-off… I like a woman who looks so innocent in public, but turns “man-hungry” when the private-times arrive. I have never had a STD(except for warts,when I was 20 burned-off my cock! People are so-worried about COVID-19, but there are worse diseases out there, and I don’t need those at all. My escort from Dallas Escort, looked clean, and tasted like Ambrosia!

Escort Dallas

Escort Dallas

MILF and mature women, who are sex-escorts are a real turn-on for me.

Some men, like really young-looking-women, to have sex with – I prefer MILF, mature-looking women, myself. I’m close to 30 but I like the “older-Ladies” who seem to love how my cock “stays-hard”! That must be a real-problem, for men who are older than me… my pecker seems to NEVER go down… haha This sex escort from Dallas Escort service, smiled at anything I suggested, not frown or sigh, like younger women seem to always do! I hope my dick is hard when I’m older!

Change your attitude about life with a Dallas Escort Pro.

If “attitude is everything” then I’m a King, since my rendezvous with the woman from Dallas Escort, serviced my lust. It was her eagar-joy to try all-the-positions without mumbling or hesitation that fueled-my-hornyness! She did not ask if I came or not, she would slide off the rubber, and use another. I’m not sure if that is a rule at Dallas Escort or her personal-choice. I will find out, I guess, as I partake of some other beauties, from                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       there in the near-future.

I never had to ask her – she “knew what to do” so – No Pressure!

I admit it, I like getting-head, the 69 position, entering a woman from behind… to name just a few! It is normally all the intermediate times in between the different position where things become awkward even with a regular girlfriend. My escort must be trained for those moments, because I can’t remember having any while with her. It was like “the Titan” at 6-Flags, no-lag-time, just thrills and then gentle-pauses, as the sex-positions changed.

Have you ever used a service like Dallas Escort already?

Now that I have used Dallas Escort, I notice all the different Massage Parlors, and Escort and Call-Girl services! They have been around as long as Armies have thru history, but I had not noticed them really before. There must be hundreds of them around Dallas/Ft. Worth, but Dallas Escort is my 1st time, I have used, a Sex Escort service. I’m thinking that the “true Pros” probably do this “on the side” for their spare-fun-money… I know, I will be spending all of my “spare-fun-money” on working-girls from Dallas Escort!

Why jack-off and dream about a sexy-romp, when it’s there waiting?

I used “training-wheels” on my first bike – but would never use them now… I feel the same about sex now! Mastrabation used to be my “go-to relief-valve” when horny, but I haven’t “whacked-myself” in almost a week now! All I think of is how lushish she smelled and how soft & smooth her skin was to touch. I’m going to call Dallas Escort again for sure, but I am going for a different MILF next-time around. I hope to be an “expert” in about a year from now… haha

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