Buffaloescorts are not for the dead or sexually-dead.

Buffaloescorts are the first and only place I have called for a Call Out, working girl Pro, sex escort! These are not hookers, sluts, or whores – treat them as Ladies, and you won’t be disappointed with the out-cum… I mean outcome! These outcall Pro escorts, will have you in-love with women again -if it has been a while for you. I had not had sex with a sexually-proeffecient woman, in a very-long time…. It came back, just like riding a bike! “The old-saying is true”.

I needed a gentle-woman’s sexual-touch, Buffaloescorts Pro working-girl had it!

I hate the “scare-stories” I read about, where the woman lights a cigarette, and when it’s done, you had better be… There was nothing like that with this buffaloescorts sex-goddess, and I was seeing her every-move, she was so gentle. Her moves were slow & graceful – maybe she was a Runway-Model before, and her breasts were perfectly swaying, hypnotizing me! She seemed to really like for me, to be touching her everywhere – never pushing me away, but pulling me tighter!

She looked around my place for about 20 seconds – then gracefully took-the-lead.

About 8 minutes before she was to arrive Buffaloescorts Outcall Pro, knocked on the door, and rang the doorbell – hello! I never looked at the time after that… she had me “spellbound” with her words and movements – it was great! She sat on the living room couch, and laid-out a blue-velvet strapped-bundle, which had “toys & supplies”. No slut, whore, strumpet, or streetwalker would have her arsenal. Ass-lube, 3 rubbers, a flexable-dildo that vibrates and a butt-plug! Seeing it all there, took away all the pressure – and the questions.


Bufalloescort girl ready to rock

It all flowed like two-people “Waltzing in Sex” – instead of dance.

I have had MILF and mature women before, but none carried the “this & that” of sex with them! I had a cold-beer, she brought a bottle-of-water she sipped, and she nudged-me and touched me a few minutes. Then, my georgous-Pro stood-up slowly, bent to get the bundle she had brought, and took my hand. Off to my shower & bedroom! She kissed me, as the shower-water got hot, then scrubbed my everything – while I “probed her” with soaped-up hands too! Buffaloescorts vixens dry-you-off, as you step out of the shower!

I don’t know how long it took to get to the bed, she took a detour…

We were almost to the bed when she saw the wooden-chair with no armrests next to the nightstand. My escort, spun-around, and had me sit softly in the chair, and then she sat in my lap! She had my hard-throbbing dick in one hand, and the other was lightly rubbing the head at the same time. OH MY god… Due to my precum weeping out, her hand was slipping & sliding! When I opened my mouth to gasp in delight, her lips were there, and she french-kissed me for so long!

What buffaloescorts call girl do you know who does stuff like that?

Have you forgotten – I have not even had sex with her yet? Maybe 25 – 35 minutes have gone by since she arrived early with a smile! Other escorts in Buffalo had better “up-their’ game” if they expect to be real-Pro Outcall girls, in my opinion! She had put the “tricks-bag” on the bed as we sat, and now the vibrator was strumming the shaft of Mr. Johnson! He wanted to explode right then! She stood up fluidly, and put my hand on that “baby-smooth clam” of hers….


Bufalloescort waiting for the customer to get some action

She gently guided me to lay-down, then did a “spinner-move” -oh yeah.

My head on my pillow, I felt a soft thigh touching each ear, and she lowered herself down on my nose! That sweet, wonderful musky smell, it was heaven, and happening in my bed! It was then that I noticed she was so-ever lightly putting my cock in her warm, velvety mouth. She was slightly moving that honey-dripping snatch up & down the tip of my nose, giggling with joy. Does Buffaloescorts make these Baffalo Escorts, or are they all just Pros?



I fucked her like a cowboy

I next remember her beautiful swaying breasts, as she rode me slowly at first cowgirl-style! She would stop moving, while looking deep into my eyes, and squeeze-me-out… I never felt that before, but I think of it hourly-now. Then she had her hands locked-into-mine, and did “deep-thrusting back-and-forth”. My eyes must have showed I was going to explode… and then she did not stop – be keep going. I came for so long – it was such a manly-relief.

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