Payment Process'
Payment to hotescort must be made before that, the ad is online.
Hotescort accept payment by all known and valid credit or debit card via promotion code or via a prepaid code purchased in a related eligible store, kiosk, tanks station or the like.
We accept payment all day on hotescort and all payments are subject Screening Fraud and manually reviewed.
We do not accept latest in three-party payment and hotescort reserve the right to receive any payment on valid reason.
Reversals / Invalid payments
In a case where the provider has received notice from its merchant account provider that a payment from the customer has been the subject of claims for refund;

By abuse, an ad may be canceled and prepaid ad price is non-refundable.
If an ad is desired canceled within 5 days after it has come online deducted a fee of 75 Euro

In cases where hotescort have doubts about the age (+18 years) on an advertiser or otherwise want rules documented and the advertiser is not able to prove it by hotescort requested Refundable the full amount minus a service fee of 75 euros.

In the event of a payment for an ad that is canceled by the customer, or rejected by hotescort before it is made visible to the public on, we will refund the payment to the original source within 14 days.

In the event that a payment is not acceptable to hotescort and paid with coupons we hotescort forward amount minus the service fee of 75 at a quoted bank check. The payment is carried out within 14 days
Reimbursement force mch.
In case of disaster, etc. may hotescort not guarantee that our servers are online. We guarantee a server uptime of 96% and we use two very large servers independently take back up. This means that we the last 2 years has had an uptime of 100%
If an advertiser stops its ad earlier than paid for the refunded amount of remaining to maturity not. When the outlet has taken place must draw a brand new ad. Ads can not be suspended.