Boston Escort

Boston Escort changed my entire thinking

Boston Escort changed my entire thinking towards “redirecting-things with one simple telephone call or email” in magical-ways! I have seen this happen in Movies like this, but never thought it was really possible for me to do! I was new to using either an Escort or a Callgirl(I don’t even know the difference between the two)! Boston escorts are probably more abundant than anywhere else in Massachusetts, just due to population size – I would guess… That probably means that a scort from Boston has the most experience too!

Picking up and phoning Boston Escort was the hard part.-

I was so horny, and tired of jacking-off for relief, and I took the first-step and called Boston Escort. Once the callgirl arrived, it was me who was “the-hard-part” her entire time with me! I found out from her, I could have “placed-my-order” with Boston Escort using an email, but I did not know that at first. The palms of my hands were sweating when I was placing that 1st-call. Now as I think-back about it, the head of my dick “twitches” a little. haha

Boston Escort

Boston Escort took my tension

Movies galore have been made about Callgirls

You have seen all the Porno-movies and “R-rated or X-rated” videos, I am sure, just like I have! They hold your interest for 10-20 minutes at best, now picture it happening “live-in-front-of-you”. I was starting to get nervous about making the call to Boston Escort, about 1-hour before the appointment. My Lady however, arrived about 10 minutes ahead-of-schedule, and the anxiety instantly converted into absolute-lust! Movies and videos can not give you this “wonderful change in your emotions” this Massachusetts Madam gave me – for sure!




When I opened the door, she handed me her Business Card

I heard the doorbell, looked at my watch, and saw she was plenty-early! Talk about eagerness, you know? When I opened the door, she was smiling as if we were close-friends, she was also looking in my eyes. Her arm was outstretched a bit, with what I thought was a business-card, but it was not a card at all… She had a condom, which was labeled just like an expensive Business Card. I still have it, I actually carry it like a lucky-charm now!

Boston Escort

Boston Escort girl gave me her business Card and I was hooked

Time kind of stopped after that moment

No close friend of mine, ever told me that a escort, callgirl, or Angel could have that effect on me! Remember I said that I looked at my watch when the doorbell rang? Most of the time afterwards – that watch was the “only thing I was wearing (except a few condoms). I never once even thought about looking at my watch. I actually could not keep my eyes off of her, see was naked, beautiful, fun, and with me! She was a true Professional, maybe all Boston scorts are….




Nothing I was requesting was off-limits

I consider myself “normal” when it cums to sex-activities… I like blowjobs, my balls licked, sixty-nine, doesn’t every man? She asked for the two of us to take a quick shower together, which was fun, I must admit. I like how she pretty-much washed-me, and was not shy probing and grabbing me everywhere… You already know what it was I was touching and washing on her I bet, slipping and gliding – it was fun. We shared my one clean bathtowel, laughing and giggling like lustful-lovers.

The Boston Escort girl, started on the couch, and then moved to my bed

My Dad always says “bend a woman over the couch, and they all are the same” but that’s not true! Maybe it was because we were new to one-another, or maybe she knows Yoga or something…. She let me lead-the-way I thought, but now I think she was in CONTROL the entire time! Boston Escorts can’t all be that good – or are all Massachusetts and scort Boston Callgirls & Escorts this professional? Like I said already, I am so new to this wonderful-option, for lonely, horny men, like I was!

I always order the same-thing at my favorite Restaurants

I want to “experience all” that scort Boston callgirls and escorts have to offer at Boston Escort. I loved-every-minute with my sexy, loving, and horny, delivery! I just want to see “what else their “Service” has to offer! I imagine blondes, red-heads, – hell a sexy-girl with Blue-Hair sounds better than using my hand to get-myself-off! This Angel had a few tattoos that actually turned-me-on! My best-buddy said I should “order an escort from Boston Escort with one-leg!

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